Strategic Dominance of Setting Up New Branches around Key Stores

By proceeding with the development of solution-oriented “key stores,” which underpin our strategic dominance, we place the emphasis of our store-opening strategy on the creation of hubs of healthcare networks evolving around our key stores.


*Our key stores fulfill the enhanced function of health support expected to be provided by drugstores. The stores feature a self-service space for customers to take health measurements while providing a wide variety of services related to health care. They also have a community space where events organized by nationally certified dieticians and other experts take place on a regular basis.

SUGI Pharmacy Group’s Professional Human Resources

At the SUGI Pharmacy Group, we have well-experienced advisors who support the life stages of each customer and patient.
As close partners striving to live up to local residents’ hope to remain healthy, such advisors support community medical care based on the framework established in order to present one-stop, total proposals regarding everything from merchandising to daily dietary habits, medication instruction, and long-term elderly nursing support.


Self-Care Support for Daily Health


We deliver frozen meals supervised by nationally certified dieticians under restrictions (of salt, calories, protein, or ingredients’ softness)


Cancer checkups, specific health checkups, and specific health guidance are available all together to local residents at SUGI Pharmacy stores near their homes. By providing this service at our stores, an everyday base for local residents, we have ensured that such checkups and guidance are more readily accessible to local residents.


Specific health guidance is available to citizens at SUGI Pharmacy stores near their homes or workplaces. By providing this service, we have ensured that such guidance is more readily accessible to citizens. In the service, in which specific health guidance is given by our nationally certified dieticians, continuous support is available even after the relevant checkup.


We issue lifestyle-related disease risk reports, prepared using medical big data and forecast models. By explaining such risks in an easy-to-understand manner, we strive to promote the relevant individuals’ motivation and change their behaviors toward improving their health.


Backed by mutual cooperation under comprehensive alliances between governments and SUGI Pharmacy, we strive to contribute to community development with the emphasis on wellness*, support local residents’ happy, positive and comfortable lives, invigorate local communities, and promote the comprehensive community care system.

*“Wellness” refers to a lifestyle and behavior for living a happy, positive and healthy life.

Healthcare Support Covering Everything from Medical Care to Daily Life


We dispense prescriptions, provide over-the-counter consultation on medicine, sell pharmaceutical products, and recommend customers to be examined at medical institutions as needed. We also provide online medication instruction by phone or fax and deliver medicine.


We provide home-visit services through cooperation between various local specialists and our co-medicals, such as pharmacists, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, and elderly nursing support specialists.


Acknowledging SUGI Pharmacy stores as “commuting places for local senior citizens,” we periodically hold preventive programs for senior citizens, such as preventive exercises and health measurements, in the stores in cooperation with local governments.


Today, those with shopping difficulty, such as senior citizens, are becoming a major concern of society. To provide support for them, we deliver daily use items, medical products and other necessary items for senior citizens under a new service model in cooperation with other business operators with a point of contact with senior citizens in the field of elderly nursing support.


With the rise in aging of the population, many more citizens are experiencing difficulty in access to shopping and medical care, which is becoming a social problem. With this background, we provide comprehensive support for senior citizens, such as mobility support, which can contribute to solving the social problem.

SUGI Pharmacy Group

Drugstore Operation

The SUGI Pharmacy Group is mainly led by SUGI Pharmacy, which operates prescription dispensing drugstores. The drugstores are engaged not only in prescription dispensing but also counseling sales of over-the-counter medicines and cosmetics, health consultations, and even support for home-visit medical care. The company provides high-quality total healthcare services suited to local customers and patients’ life stages.


This company operates mainly in the Kansai region. The company handles more than 15,000 items, such as health & beauty goods, food, daily necessities, and pet supplies. With customers’ awareness of self-medication increasing, the company ensures that many more of its stores carry medicine, supplements, and health foods, while achieving low-cost operations by improving operating efficiency, thus realizing the concept “every day low price.”

Medical Consulting

Featuring subsidiaries specializing in home-visit nursing, support for commencement of medical practice, and other operations related to medical care and healthcare, SUGI Medical cooperates with a wide variety of medical institutions, workers, and business operators. Engaged in total coordination of medical care and healthcare for local citizens, the company creates synergy with local medical institutions and various business operators.

S Trading

S Trading Co., Ltd. is responsible for Sugi Pharmacy Group's business in foreign countries. Mainly in Asia, we build partnerships with leading pharmacy/drugstore chains in various countries, share with them the management knowledge that Sugi Pharmacy Group has cultivated since its founding, and supply Japanese products. Together with our partners, we try to contribute to healthy life throughout Asia.


NIHONDO is a leading Kampo counseling pharmacy with 16 stores nationwide. Based on its basic philosophy of “Yojo First, Kampo Second,” it proposes the optimal regimen and choice of Kampo medicine tailored to each individual, and handles a total of 94,000 physical and health-related consultations each year.

SUGI Wellness

Sugi Wellness focuses on disease prevention and provides health support services that meet the needs of insurers, companies, and individuals. With an emphasis on meticulous health support for each individual customer, we aim to provide disease prevention-related services that are both medically effective and economically viable by utilizing the health consultation know-how accumulated at Sugi Pharmacy stores and digital technology.

Promotion of Disabled Employment

In July 2009, SUGI Smile Co., Ltd. was certified as a special subsidiary of SUGI Holdings Co., Ltd., based on the Act to Facilitate the Employment of Persons with Disabilities. Eight company-based job coaches and 15 special career counselors instruct those with disabilities regarding work and provide daily support.

Home-Visit Nursing and Elderly Home-Care Support

As a member of the SUGI Medical Group, this company provides home-visit nursing and elderly home-care support services. In cooperation with local medical institutions and elderly nursing support providers, the company operates home-visit nursing stations and care plan centers mainly in the Kanto, Chubu, and Kansai regions, where the aging rate is high. The company strives to ensure the safety and security of local in-home patients and their families.

Support for Commencement of Medical Practice

In December 2018, DCP Solution was established to specialize in the provision of support for commencement of medical practice. The company is committed to supporting doctors who wish to commence medical practice to realize their dreams. Under the SUGI Pharmacy Group’s Total Healthcare Strategy, the company provides doctors, who play the main role in the provision of comprehensive community care, with high-value-added consultation regarding the commencement of medical practice.

Comprehensive Staff Agency Service

MCS provides a staff agency service and operation support specializing in the field of medicine. Pharmacists with HR experience at SUGI Pharmacy serve as advisors and offer highly suitable career support from the perspectives of both job seekers and companies who will receive them. The company fosters specialists in everything from advanced pharmaceutical management to self-care.

Operating Areas and Number of Stores

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