We are looking for those who can lead the SUGI Pharmacy Group in the future together with us.

Contribution to local communities and growth together with employees - these are the philosophies that we have valued since our establishment.
As a group company that underpins Japan's health, life, and beauty, we will continue to strive to expand the scale of our business and pursue specialization based on our unchanging philosophies. We have endless opportunities for you to fully demonstrate your ability. We look forward to seeing those motivated to create a new future for the SUGI Pharmacy Group together with us.

Recruitment of SUGI Pharmacy and Japan

  • スギ薬局

    "Family Pharmacy in the Community” - Closest to Customers and Patients

    SUGI Pharmacy, the key player in the SUGI Pharmacy Group, strives to establish a new form of community medical care from the perspective of a medical care provider while developing its presence as a “family pharmacy in the community.” The company reinforces employees’ expertise and management ability through its excellent training system, personnel system, evaluation system, and career support system. By providing support for employees to earn trust from customers, the company develops them into human resources indispensable to local communities.
    The company calls for human resources who can be more than mere sales staff, truly understand customers, and demonstrate their ability as health and beauty experts closest to customers.

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  • ジャパン

    As a Member of Japan, Which Continues to Be Loved by Customers

    By thoroughly pursuing low-cost operations, Japan provides local customers with daily use items at the lowest prices in their local communities. As discount drugstores, the company’s stores carry a rich lineup of health and beauty items produced with the SUGI Pharmacy Group’s distinctive product development ability and offer each customer friendly service with a smile.
    Hoping to continue to be attentive to voices from local customers and live up to their requests, the company calls for those who can share that hope with them.

Recruitment of SUGI Medical

  • スギメディカルの採用について

    To those who want to create a next-generation medical station together

    In a next-generation medical station, pharmacists and nurses will work more closely with other medical professionals, such as doctors, as co-medical personnel and will promote regional medical cooperation for patients who wish to receive home medical care.
    Sugi Medical looks for medical professionals who can create a next-generation medical station that is even more fulfilling and rewarding than ever before in order to realize community medical care where patients and their families can receive treatment with peace of mind.

    Inquiries by Phone
    Toll free:0120-010-677
    (9:00-18:00 on weekdays)