Message from Top Management

Message from the President

While measures against COVID-19 are being eased, soaring commodity and energy prices are expected to delay the recovery of consumer spending, with the difficult situation continuing. However, in tandem with an increase in the aging population, the number of those with interest in their health and beauty is growing, making us expect that the healthcare industry will further expand.

In line with the Total Healthcare Strategy, we are implementing the Mid-Term Management Plan, starting from FY2022, based on the recognition that the first two years of the plan period are for consolidating the foundation for further growth. Last year, the first year of the plan, we opened more than 100 stores, including the first store in Nagano Prefecture, and renovated the Sugi Pharmacy App, boasting more than 10 million downloads and leading our digitalization strategy. We enhanced our productivity through DX, thereby reinforcing our communication with customers in both physical and digital aspects.

This year, in order to complete the consolidation of the foundation for further growth, we have set the simple and conscious phrase “Focus on Each Individual” as our action guideline. We will visualize each employee’s skills, capability, motivation, and future growth possibility and make a full launch of individual training programs so that our pharmacists, medical office workers, registered pharmaceutical distributors, nationally certified dieticians, beauty advisers, and nurses can place their focus on individual customers and patients. Under the new organizational framework to which we shifted this March, we will maximize the value of our human capital and strengthen the management foundation.

Without forgetting the philosophy that has not changed since its foundation, the SUGI Pharmacy Group strives to proceed with the Total Healthcare Strategy to further enhance its corporate value. As an entity that can contribute to realizing a carbon-free society and a recycling-based society, we also strive to support everybody’s healthy, rich lifestyles.

Representative Director & President
SUGI Holdings Co., Ltd.
Katsunori Sugiura